Michael Burns has written an in-depth piece on our work at the BBFC – just published on IBC 365. It gives a full account of Project Horizon and it’s many benefits to the organisation. Read on for more details:

Click HERE to view the full BBFC press release.

Remodus affiliated to Fusion Workflows

Remodus are excited to announce the launch of Fusion Workflows – a shiny new group of real experts, us included, who can bring pragmatic, swift expertise in the use of and migration to the cloud. The need for sensible, cloud-based media workflows has never been greater, but whilst it’s easy to say, the “just move everything into the cloud” approach is far from straightforward. That’s where Fusion comes in. Have a look at the press release for further information.

Click HERE to view the full press release.

Click HERE to view the Fusion Workflows website.

The news is spreading about Fusion Workflows …

Visit the article on Randi Altman's postPerspective website HERE!

Supply chain transformation consultancy, Remodus joins EIDR to strengthen offerings.

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